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Best of 2008

It's Friday, there's not much going on this weekend and I couldn't resist posting my own top 10 favorite things that money can buy from 2008.
1: My Canon G9. After seven months of ownership, I'm certain this camera is the best bang for your buck without getting an SLR. Great pictures, many options and reasonably priced.

2: Purity loose powder by Mineral Science: I'm a sucker for deals and I signed up for a free trial of this powder, since I was in the market to try something new, and I love it. It's oh so light so you can't see any trace of it, yet using it blends my discolored face beautifully. I got the blush, a white powder for shine control and two different shades of powder, which allows me to blend and best match my skin tone.

3: Scotch Brite Microfiber Kitchen Cloths: I'm pretty sure the Kitchen fairy used magical thread when she sewed these cloths. This makes scrubbing hard crusty food off hard surfaces a breeze. Not that I'd know, since I clean up after my daughter immediately after each and every meal.

4: ShowerFlosser: My hygienist recommended this and I bought it for less than $20. It tickles like crazy but it's like a little pedicure in your mouth. It feels great and apparently it is really good for your gums.

5: Edamame: I know, it's been around forever. But this year I started buying the little frozen packages at Costco and I can eat one whole one by myself. So tasty and so worthy of being on my list. Despite the new concerns about whether or not soy beans are really healthy for you, I still enjoy my servings of Edamame.

6: Miniature Tea Set from Ikea: This one speaks for itself, really. Cute, affordable and the perfect size for those tiny little hands that prefer to drink once out of every cup rather than use just one. Besides, that would be so boring.

7: American Express/Costco TrueEarnings Card: Not really a product, but I've gotta have something to buy my products with. Right? This card, available to Costco members, has the best rewards I've found for a credit card that has no annual fee. 3% cash back on gas, 3% at restaurants, 2% on travel and 1% on everything else. It makes me happy to save on EVERYTHING.

8: Giant Chewy Nerds: Try them. Soon. The inside is similar to a jelly bean and the outside tastes like Nerds. I'm very happy Costco had them on sale when they moved their warehouse near me so I felt like I needed to buy some. Otherwise, we never would've met.

9: My Sherpa blanket (by Studio for JC Penny Home): I'm not sure what Sherpa means, but it's probably something similar to "insta-warm". I love blankets and bought this not long ago to use as a little throw on my couch. Since I've discovered it's ability to never be cold, it resides permanently in my bed. Somehow, the moment I come into contact with it, I feel warmth. It's especially nice getting into bed because I no longer experience the initial sting of the freezing sheets. Just the nice, cozy welcoming of my very own Sherpa.

10: E6000: After being introduced to this adhesive, I'll have a hard time using anything else. It is easy to use, it's fairly inexpensive, it bonds (most, if not all, surfaces) magnificently and it smells great. What more could you want out of an adhesive?

1 comment:

Jill said...

I'm researching the G9 and it looks like you have to buy lots of adapters and lenses and flashes. Did you get all of that or is the camera good just by itself?

jillian stoddard at gmail dot com