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Thanksgiving Crafts

I think it's the suppressed 1st grade teacher inside me coming out, but I get excited thinking about all the fun crafts to do with the young ones on Thanksgiving. I search the Internet, I think of things I've done in the past, but I'm always looking for the next cute idea to add a little sparkle and excitement to the holiday. I've found some good websites, but ironically, the best ones I found after they started advertising on our little blog when we started the Thanksgiving tag. I'm not just telling you to check them out because they happen to be part of our advertisements, I'm telling you to check them out because I really found some neat ideas.

Here are some of my favorites:

Finger Stamp Place Cards Turkey Nut Holders, but I may personally substitute little candies or already shelled mixed nuts.Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece. I don't really like the flowers, but I might change it up and fill it with branches or even fill it with the utensils for our feast. Terra-cotta pots cost around a buck, so this really is a cheap and cute idea that can be saved for years to come.Thankful Tree, because really, that's what THANKSgiving is all about.And drumroll for my favorite.....Turkey Pinata. I LOVE making pinatas, I had just never thought of a turkey for Thanksgiving. I have done the paper mache project with my kids, even when my twins were 1. It was a fun project (and messy - so outside is best), but must be done a few days in advance to dry adequately. If you don't mind a cylindrical turkey, use an empty oatmeal tub. I would just cut it down a few inches to be more proportionate to an actual turkey body.
Really, there are so many ideas that I would have never thought of that look like a lot of fun. Try them out - kids or no kids. Add some excitement to your day. Cause really, do you even need kids to enjoy a pinata?

1 comment:

Emily said...

Love it, love it, love it. I want to do the Thankful tree--what a fab idea!
Also, because you are like Mesa's super(wo)man, and no one knows your true identity--(at least I don't)I'm not sure where to email you==so I'll just tell you here. Thank you for the thoughtful comment left on my blog. Let's just say, that day, I needed it.