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We are Back!

Nearly two years ago we stopped blogging here at I Heart Mesa.  It was not a conscious ending, but with a new baby for Marily, college classes for Kathryn, running and teaching a preschool, volunteering in our church, and the day in and day out of being wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters, there just was not any time left for writing.  Two years passed quickly and we thought of I Heart Mesa often, never wanting to just abandon it, never feeling like we were finished.  We still love Mesa and our state.  So, after some very busy years, Marily and I are back at writing again.  This time we are starting fresh at a new address.  We hope you join us at iheartAZ.com for some Arizona pride, of course written from a Mesa perspective.        

Thanks for waiting, 


Marily and Kathryn

1 comment:

Bev said...

We are retired and I still lack time to continue my blog so I understand. About 14 months ago we purchased a "winter" home in Apache Junction after spending two winters there in our RV. This time we were there for eight months because we love it there! Our daughter and her family live in Chandler. Our son and his wife live in IL so we'll continue to live here part of the year.

Anyway, I am thrilled that you will be back because you were my inspiration for a good many things we have done out there with our grandkids.