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Happy 100th Birthday Arizona: 100 Years of Beauty

I loved Saturdays as a kid for two reasons: This Old House and Martha Stewart.  Even as a little kid I loved the idea of a good DIY project.  But, This Old House and Martha Stewart were mostly filmed on the very green and historic east coast, which led my little mind to believe that Arizona was not beautiful, that the only kind of beautiful was rolling hills with oak trees.

And then I grew up and truly fell in love with Arizona.

I fell in love with the Superstitions where my husband and I were engaged.

And ASU where we both graduated in 2004.

I fell in love with road trips that took me from saguaros to Ponderosa pines in just a little over an hour.

And farms and valleys.

I fell in love with the vast expanse of nothingness.

And with the mountains to the north and south.

I fell in love with the hot and the cold and the beautiful in between.

I fell in love with taking the long route.

And exploring old mining towns.

I fell in love with this view of where my dad grew up.

And watching my little girls make new memories of Arizona.

I fell in love with Arizona sports teams and rejoiced during those winning seasons.

I fell in love with camping on the Mogollon Rim for weeks at a time.

And I well with anger every summer there is a new forest fire.

I fell in love with odd structures.

And jungles in the desert.

I fell in love with fishing and playing in creeks.

I fell in love with cabins by the lake.

And a view from above the desert.

I fell in love with monsoons.

And sunsets.

Oranges and blossoms.

I fell in love with rolling hills and even oak trees.

I fell in love with historic, and really historic.

I fell in love with the Grand Canyon State.

Yes, I love visiting other places, but I'm thrilled to call Arizona home.

We hope you found a reason to celebrate today.  We will continue to celebrate 100 years of Arizona the entire year through!

 (I am yet to fall in love with these though.)

Happy 100 years Arizona!

(All of the pictures were taken by either me or my husband since we were married 10 years ago.  It was hard not posting even more.)


Bev said...

What a beautiful tribue to this magnificent state that I am falling more in love with every day that we live here this winter!
We have traveled extensively through all 50 of our country's great states and I find Arizona to be extraordinarily, beautifully unique.

Lindsay said...

great pictures! Those were really beautiful, and your post well-written. I have come to love Arizona's beauty over the years, but as a little girl, I didn't think it was much either. Our bugs are the scariest and weirdest though, that is true!Always respect the desert!

Megan said...

Those are beautiful photos! I loved this post :)

D said...

Well said! Thanks!

Gail said...

Great job Katherine! I know just how much time that must've taken and I enjoyed each and every picture. I feel like you just took me back in time to my own life of growing up in this beautiful state. It reminds me of how much I love Arizona too!!!

Geevz said...

Your photos are stunning! Arizona can be really beautiful.