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Flor De Michoacan

Remember this mystery picture from a few weeks ago?

One of Julie's favorite spots to enjoy in Mesa is Flor de Michoacan located at 734 E. Main St.  Julie said she goes, "for their Mexican ice cream bars. Whenever we go there the husband and I stock up by buying a huge bagful.  I think the owner recognizes us and gets a big kick out of it!"

I've passed this store multiple times and always wanted to try it out.  So, after Julie's recommendation, I knew it was time to finally stop in.  I loved the clean store with the bright colors.  Of course we enjoyed the Mexican popsicles with a wide variety of flavors, guava, mango, jamaica, and bought a few extra for family that were visiting for the holidays.  I hear the ice cream is also fantastic so we will have to get that next time.  Another highlight for my girls was getting to meet this dark haired Rapunzel.  They couldn't take their eyes off that beautiful long hair.  

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