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Westwood's 50th Anniversary

So building two floats is really time consuming.  Things are taking shape and we hope to make it an awesome parade on Friday.  We know one thing for sure - there will be candy!  There will be several floats (class floats, decade floats, club floats) and the marching band and hopefully a real warrior leading up the parade on his horse.  It should be fun.  Would you attend even if Westwood wasn't your alma mater?  We are hoping to have a big showing from the community.  I figured people everywhere could enjoy a hometown parade even if you don't necessarily back the blue and orange.  

Here is the run down of events:


Parade starts at 4:00 and travels west on 6th Street then north on Cherry St. and turns west into the parking lot by Westwood's football field.   

After the Parade (about 5:00 - 7:00 PM) will be the tail gate party/carnival.  There will be a bungee run, inflatables,  a dunk tank, carnival games, food and shirts available for purchase.  

From 5:30 - 6:30 PM will be an alumni reception in the cafeteria for past graduates of Westwood.  Mayor Scott Smith will be there (any guesses on what year he graduated?) as well as great food and music.

Stick around for the football game afterwards at 7:00 PM.  Westwood is playing Mountain View.  Hum, what side to sit on, I married a Toro.  (We all know my blood runs deep orange though and I have caught my husband wearing my old Westwood shirts a few times).  Tickets are $5.    

We hope to have lots of support from the community.  This year is Westwood's 50th year.  It was a big deal that after a few decades, Mesa was going from a one high school city to two.  We hope this isn't just about if you can claim to be a warrior or not, this is about celebrating a piece of Mesa history too.



Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...

I just found this blog and am SO excited about it :) I am a born and raised Mesa native and will now be following your blog!