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Craigslist Finds in Mesa and Yard Sales

I consider myself a thrifty person.  I prefer a thrift store to Macy's and love to think creatively when it comes to re-purposing an item.  I've made a side table out of two nightstands. I've made Easter dresses out of a beautiful sheet.  Just yesterday I was dumpster diving at a construction site (don't worry, I asked first, and yes, my husband's reaction was "What??") and was able to get some great wood and materials to use while constructing 2 floats for Westwood's 50th Anniversary next Friday (have you marked your calendars for the parade and festivities?).  I was happy as a lark to get free materials that would have otherwise just gone to waste.  So, I figured, it was time to get back on our Craigslist posts.  It seems as though everyone is looking for a good deal these days, and we like to do our part to get the inspiration flowing.

1.  Matching Nightstands:  $35 each or $60 for both - West Mesa.  I took nightstands such as these, added an mdf shelf in between to attach the two stands, added a new top to cover both the nightstands and the new shelf, painted it all one color and suddenly had a custom entry table.
2.  Solid Wood Vintage Dresser:  $80 - Mesa.  Seems like a great deal if it really is in great condition.
3.  Navy Blue Shelf:  $100 - Mesa.  Navy seems to be a very classic color choice.  Wouldn't this be great in a child's room with your picture book collection?
4.  Navy Office Chairs:  Set of 4 is $50 - Mesa.  Maybe I can't get enough navy?  I love the clean lines on these chairs.  Pair it up with a great wood table for a softer modern.      
5.  Table with 4 Chairs:  $99 - Mesa.  Apparently this and other items are available at an estate sale this weekend at 854 S. Revolta Cir, Mesa 85208.

Also, if you want to hit up more garage/estate sales, here are some others that I've heard about this weekend:

- Estate Sale via "My Dear Trash" at 2222 E. Hackamore St. Mesa 85213.  Open from 7:00 AM - Noon.
- Gated Community Garage Sale near Val Vista and University.  Opens at 7:00.

If you know of anymore sales, please let us know.


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