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Auction Empire - Take a Tour of the Valley's Newest Auction Facility

Last night my husband and I were able to go take a tour of the newest auction facility here in Mesa and the Valley:  Auction Empire.  Auction Empire is located at Main and Country Club, close to Downtown Mesa.   Many of you might have been to this facility many years ago when it was a bowling alley.  Now, revamped and installed with the latest technology, this 33,000 square foot facility is quite the site.  Gone are the days of standing in the heat or a swamp cooled building for hours and hours just to get a chance at some fabulous auction deals.  This company has really set out to change the face of how an auction is run.

Mike Shost, the COO, was there to give us a hint and what people can expect from this auction facility.  He stated their goal in all of this is "making auction fun."  And from the looks of it, they are getting it right.  They created a family friendly environment complete with state of the art technology, AC throughout, and a snack bar that actually serves good food.  Because of their advances in auction technology, bidders can bid on the auction floor, from the comfort of their seat or even from home via the internet.  The auction site is divided into 5 sections or "rings" with a ring for vehicles, another for appliances, restaurant equipment and tools, the third for electronics, home entertainment systems, and computers, the fourth for home decor and home furnishings and the fifth ring located in an adjacent room to the main auction floor is for firearms and jewelry.  (Eventually they will be selling real estate as well and will have in house financing.)  Because of the advances in their sound system and technology, all 5 rings can run with auctions simultaneously.  That means, this auction facility can move through a few thousand lots in a matter of a few hours.

Auction Empire will be having auctions the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM.  
Their Grand Opening is next Tuesday, October 4th.  
Auction Empire is located at:  140 N. Country Club Dr.  Mesa, AZ 85201

For more information, you can go to their website here.  Really, this post is long, but I didn't even get to the part about off site auctions and charity auctions.  You'll just have to check out their website.

And on a personal note, I would like to thank Mike at Auction Empire.  At I Heart Mesa we see the need for more pride in our community.  We want quality businesses, we want a good economy and part of that comes through having people take more pride in where we live and get out to enjoy the variety of events and services here in Mesa.  Mike was very kind in his comments about our work through the years here at I Heart Mesa.  I was happy just to go last night for a personal tour, but Mike wanted to do more for I Heart Mesa, so Auction Empire will be helping us by sponsoring our fall guide.  Mike simply enjoys the work that we do and wants to see us grow as well.  It was refreshing to visit with someone who was so happy to back our hard work.  So if you enjoy our upcoming Fall Guide and like that we will now be able to offer a print version, you can thank Auction Empire.  (And if you are wondering, I was excited about this new auction business and thought they did a great job with their business plan even before Mike let me know they would love to help sponsor us.  We hope after 3 years of work, we have built a trust with our readers.)   

If you would also like to sponsor our Fall Guide, please contact us at iheartmesa@gmail.com.  You have just another week to respond.   


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