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Happy Happy Birthday Marily

Happy Birthday Marily!

Today Marily turns....well, another year.  I just wanted to thank Marily for all that she has done with I Heart Mesa.  She motivates me to keep blogging and has been a huge reason why I Heart Mesa is what it is today.  She is awesome.  She is Mesa through and through.

Here are some random facts that you may or may not know about Marily:
- She was Snoopy in our junior high's (Carson) school play.  She sang "Suppertime" on top of a makeshift dog house.  My sisters remember her as a mermaid in a church camp skit.  Marily can handle the stage.  
- Her first car was a boat (okay, not a real boat, but the kind of 70's car that is often referred to as a boat due to it's length.)  It was hers and she worked hard for it.  
- She plays the clarinet.  She just laughed and laughed at me when in junior high I put on her cork grease, thinking it was chapstick.  
- She is the only person I have ever been kicked out of a classroom with  (our sophmore English teacher didn't really care for us).  But, she was also my co-partner for many over the top school group projects that will forever go down in school history as the example to live up to.   
- She has a math in education degree from ASU and is much smarter than I am.    
- She has been one of my oldest (as in for the longest time - not age) friends and still continues to put up with me.  You know you have a great friend if they like you even after junior high and high school AND after you do a birthday post on them for all of Mesa to read.  

Happy Day Marily.  I would have posted more of the quirky things that you have done, if I had a better memory.  Thanks for being spunky, smart and my friend. 


Nichelle said...
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Nichelle said...

Happy Birthday Marily! It has been great getting to know you. I hope you have a wonderful day! (I am singing the post name to a well known Primary song...)

Karri said...

Okay so I'm a day late because I missed yesterday's post - but happy belated b-day Marily! Hope you had a fun day!

NattybyDesign said...

Happy late Birthday, Marily! What a sweet post :)