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My Mesa

Sorry you missed my post on Wednesday.  It's been a week of having to work extra hard at keeping all the wheels turning.  I think we are finally on the mend and I hope my kiddos can finally shake this cough that everyone in Mesa seems to have.

So, what has my family been up to this week in Mesa?  Well....

My family and I checked out Greenfield Park located on Greenfield Road between Southern and Broadway - 4105 E. Diamond to be exact.  It's a bigger park than you think - 20 acres bigger.  On one side are great play structures with ramadas and picnic tables.  We brought our sand toys and some water to make sand castles.  Then there is a huge field with an exercise course.  My girls loved walking on the balance beams and practicing hanging from the gymnastic rings.  And if you walk even farther, there is a little lake tucked back in there.  We saw many ducks and one dad fishing with his son.  I've driven past this park countless times and never knew there was a little lake back there.  My husband and I decided that we are going to have to find some horseshoes on Craigslist to buy.  Greenfield park, as well as many other Mesa parks, are set up for a nice game of horseshoes.  We will definitely be back.    

Also this week in Mesa, I took my girls out thrift store shopping.  It can be tricky to maneuver my double stroller in tight isles, but with enough persistence, we almost always come away with some nice finds.  I love Mesa thrift stores.  This week we checked out Frugal Finds Thrift on the North East corner of Greenfield and University for the first time.  You can read an article about the store owner here.  This store is small and probably won't be on my top thrifting spots, but every thrift store has it's treasures.  This week at Frugal Finds Thrift I found some like new black leather pumps that retail for $90.  I paid just $4.  I've been in search of black shoes to fit my picky wide feet for sometime and these pumps are like little thrift store miracles.  My 4 girls also loved the free mints they had for the customers.  

After checking out Frugal Finds, we headed over to one of my all time favorite thrifting spots:  East Valley Lutheran Thrift Shop at the South East corner of Greenfield and Main.  Every time I head there, I find gems at every turn.  I got an apron and red corduroy material to make 4 fantastic dresses.  I'm marking my calendar for March 5th - half off day at Lutheran Thrift.  And as a side note - all the elderly volunteers make me feel like the best mom in the world and dote over my girlies.  I love that bonus of shopping there.  

And finally, to add to the craziness of other events of the week, we got to check out Phoenix Children's Urgent Care on Higley and Southern.  My daughter split open her chin.  They glued it shut and sent my daughter home with a cute alligator purse.  I was impressed.  

So thank you for putting up with my lack of a post on Wednesday and I hope you enjoy any and everything Mesa has to offer.  We are now off to enjoy this beautiful cloudy weather and to try out the roller skates we also got at Lutheran Thrift.  

P.S.  Some of you were wondering about this Cinderella painting.  It is on the backside of the Surf & Ski building.  Surf & Ski is located at:  137  W. Main St.  And if you feel so inclined, you can also purchase our Diving Lady shirt for $15 while there.  Choose a color and they will print it while you wait. 



David Crummey said...

We love Mesa Thrift (1018 West Main) it always has something amazing and at a price that can't be beat to boot! We'll have to check out the ones you mentioned.

iheartmesa said...

I love that one too. I grew up going to Mesa thrift. It is definitely on my top thrifting list.

randa_joy said...

do they also do the "someone in mesa loves me" shirts there at surf and ski?