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Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro

If you’re tired of the same old photo-with-Santa-at-the-mall ordeal, here’s another option that’s way more fun: visit Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro. Here’s a list of reasons why:

1 - The photo with Santa is free. They’ll give you a printed copy, and you can even download it off the internet for free!
2 - There’s a cool little train set for kids to operate
3 - There are several fun games for school-age and adult-age children to play with for free, such as: various shooting-gallery games (using rifles, nerf guns, etc), remote-control off-road vehicles for you to drive around, and a fast-car race track to play with
4 - There’s a fudge cart close by Santa’s Wonderland in case you “need” to buy some
5 - The store itself is just really, really cool all year long, even if you’re not into hunting and fishing. The décor is super neat (have you seen the flock of ducks flying mid-air?), and there’s an awesome huge fish tank as well
6 - You can go inside the fish restaurant that’s inside the store and check out their exotic fish tank

Bass Pro is located at 1061 N. Dobson Road in Mesa (Northeast of Dobson & 8th Street). For more info, check out their website here.


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