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Newest Sponsor: Baby Clothing Network

You may have noticed our newest sponsor:  BCN - Baby Clothing Network.  Let me tell you a little bit more about this new company.

Baby Clothing Network is the newest tool in town to keep families dressed for less.  What budget conscious family doesn't like that?  It works in three easy steps:  Bundle, ship, shop.

#1 - Bundle:  Create your bundle by gathering clothes in a specific gender and sizes.  List this bundle on the BCN site for other shoppers to "buy".  (Buy is used loosely because this system requires no money.  Leave the credit card tucked safely in your purse.)

#2 - Ship:  Once your bundle has been requested by someone, you will be e-mailed a free shipping label.  Ship your bundle and your account will then be credited the BCN determined value of your clothes.  (There is a more elaborate way of determining the value of your bundle that you can read about here.)

#3- Shop:  Using the credits you have earned, shop for other listed bundles that fit your current needs.

And right now, BCN is looking for 100 participants to be part of a pilot group.  As part of this pilot group you will be paid $30 (cash or PayPal thank you very much)!  $30 just for registering, listing and shipping a bundle and then giving your feedback on the whole process.  How easy is that?   Go here to read all about the pilot group.

If you are interested and wish to participate in this pilot group, please e-mail pknauer@babyclothing.net, Subject: PILOT GROUP before you register and enjoy your $30 AND clothes that actually work for your ever growing kid(s).  

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