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Kathryn's Thoughts on Mesa

I've lived in Mesa my entire life.  I know all aspects of Mesa are not rosy and beautiful.  Today, while at my parents' house, someone tagged their garage door.  Yes, that ticks me off.  We do have thugs here in Mesa.  But, you know what?  While I was out there scrubbing dumb initials off their property, several people stopped to talk to me.  One was a mother walking with her younger child to the nearby elementary school to pick up her older children.  One was a man on a bike who had a nice discussion with me about respect.  A few neighbors slowed to say hi.  One neighbor, Mr. Biggs, even stopped to show me an awesome way to scrub the graffiti away:  brake parts cleaner.  It worked like a charm.  While the two of us were scrubbing away, a high school girl stopped to offer her help.  "Oh someone tagged you," she said, "I don't have anything to do right now, I can help."  Yes, Mesa has some thugs that don't show respect, but for every thug there is a heaping handful of caring neighbors.  My hope is that through this blog, more of us will take pride in our community and make Mesa an even better place to live. 

I'm proud to call Mesa home.


Becky said...

I've been itching to email you about some things happenin' our Mesa neighborhood! It's awful stuff, but has really brought our neighborhood together. You cant beat that-- with every trial comes blessings! :)

Emily Ruth said...

And, Amen!

Stacie said...

me too. i like living in mesa a lot!