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Holiday Lights Map from AZ Central

I love this map that AZ Central puts together of light displays around the valley.  If you live in or near Mesa, or anywhere else in the valley, there's a map just for you.  You'll want to print yourself a copy and if you don't have a GPS you'll need to get detailed maps for each location, then bundle up in the car to go for a little (or long) drive to see some of the best light displays in the valley. 

A couple of our favorites, however, aren't on the list.  We typically head to Natal Circle (use this map) where we park our car at the nearby park and walk around the block checking out the light displays.  The neighbors there collect canned foods for charity, so if you're going there try and bring a few.  Another neighborhood we like to check out is Gaylord Circle where on certain nights one house even has a very convincing Santa and Mrs. Clause and a line of children waiting to sit on Santa's lap.  You'll know you are getting nearby when you can see the 50-foot lighted snowman towering over the houses.  There is a canned food drive at this display also.

Do you know of any great displays that aren't on this list?


Laurie said...

The house on the corner of Harris and Hermosa Vista (NW of Gilbert and McKellips) has lights timed to music. You just tune your car radio to the station posted in their lawn. It's pretty cool!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the tips! I <3 Christmas lights!