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Frequently Asked Questions

Tonight, I'll like to post some questions that I've had to answer for others.  Maybe it'll give you some insight into who we really are and why we do this.  Also, we have updated our "About Us" page here.

- Are you and Marily sisters?
No, but we sure could pass off as them. 

- Why did you start this blog?
First, we wanted to let people know about cool things BEFORE they happened.  Second, people need to start loving Mesa a little more.  We grew tired of the oogly googly eyes at the mention of Scottsdale.  We aren't Scottsdale.  Do we need to be?  Mesa isn't perfect, but we sure do love living here.  Attitude people, attitude.  Take pride in your community.  If we can get even just one person to change their Facebook location from a general, "Phoenix" to a bold "Mesa" we have succeeded.

- Is this a business?
No.  Not really.  I mean, we have to be business like at times, but over the years any profit we have made has gone right back into I Heart Mesa.  Sure, we are trying to grow our "business" everyday, but our real "business" is to make Mesa better.  We didn't start this to make a buck.  We started this to change Mesa and the community.  (Just being honest here.  Everyones heard of someone's sister's husband's cousin's neighbor that makes millions off of their blog.  Marily and I aren't one of those sister's husband's cousin's neighbor.)  

- Do you really live in Mesa?
Yes.  Yes we do.  In the midsection (wherever you think that may be).  Mesa can't get rid of us.  We're like scorpions (Okay, maybe bad analogy.  I hate scorpions).

- Do you work for the city of Mesa?  Does Mesa pay you?
No, but they should shouldn't they :)  Once upon a time in a land of high school and college days Marily and I worked for the city Parks and Rec department.  Now, we live in the land of momhood and bloghood where we don't belong to a payroll.  We are not paid to be loyal to Mesa, nor do we feel biased to only post events hosted by the city.  We try to be a blog that's more than information you can merely get from subscribing to City of Mesa e-mails.

- Who started this blog?
Kathryn had the idea and is still trucking along after 2 years of writing.  Marily has been part of the team for about a year and is a work horse that keeps me going and on top of things (I still think she finagled an 8th day into her week).  Karri recently joined our writing staff and provides a fresh perspective and Angela the designer has made us look awesome since the beginning.

- Why the limited RSS feed?
Do you hate it?  My husband hates it.  We were just doing an experiment.  Do you want us to go back to full?  Then tell us.  (P.S - that was kind of the experiment, to see if we would hear from more of our followers if we went to part feed.  Just saying...)

-  Did you run your 5K like you said?
Yes.  Team I Heart Mesa went the distance.  Jeni from Peppertowne put on an awesome swap on Friday night and then was up and at 'em early on Saturday to run Shun the Sun with us.  Both Jeni and Marily finished in 28 1/2 minutes and my cousin Nichelle and I finished in 32.  You should come next year.  We even have I Heart Mesa shirts now.  Want one?

- I love I Heart Mesa, now what can I do to help?  (Okay, not really a question I've heard asked, but hypothetically, if you did...)
Have some Heart.  That's our new motto.  We really do work hard to provide this service to Mesa (see question #3 to confirm that we are still in the "service" category.)  We try to reach as many Mesa people as we can, so please please please keep spreading the word or as we like to call it "Have some Heart."  Get people excited to live in Mesa again.  We Twitter, Facebook and blog.  And we are even thinking of starting an e-newsletter for the none of the above category.

-Speaking of those shirts....where can I get one?  (yes, you hypothetically asked this too)
Get your I Heart Mesa t-shirts before they officially go on sale next week.  We have adult sizes (S - XL) in stock now and limited children's sizes (only size 2 and 4 this go around) in stock.  They're rad.  They're ever so soft gray (or is it grey) American Apparel T's printed with an ever so cool design by our famous graphic designer Angela at Mesa's own Surf N' Ski.  The shirts honor our beloved diving lady.  These shirts were already in the works before the lady met her demise.  Now we feel that it's our duty to help see this icon get raised again.  So...15% of t-shirt profits will go to the Mesa Historical Preservation Committee as they try to get her to dive again.  Shirts are $15 + a minimal shipping charge (where applicable).  This week only, if you want one, shoot us an e-mail at iheartmesa.gmail.com.  Tell us sizes and how many of each.   Get them quick before you have to wait for another printing.  If you need a special order we can do that too.  Just FYI, these are unisex sizes, and American Apparel says, "women may prefer to order one size smaller."


Kate said...

I would love if you'd go back to the full feed. Not loving having to click over. :)

Shawna said...

I'm not a fan of the partial feed! Most of the time, I won't click over, so I don't read them!

Also, just a friendly suggestion... more people might comment if you take out the captcha thing.

KaraLyn said...

Please go back to the full feed. I only have time to go through my reader and read all posts. So I'm less likely to click-over b/c of that!

Anne said...

Not a fan of the partial feed. I would love it if you go back to full feed! I'm new to Mesa and I love this blog! It's so helpful!

AliceK[i]ND said...

Please bring back full feed! Love what you ladies do. Thanks! :)

Laurie said...

That shirt is awesome!!