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Buy One Get One Free Camping and other Usery Pass Events

****Edited to fix links.  Sorry.

We hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was good although it involved a few germs.  Last night I had a slumber party with one feverish/in need of regular breathing treatments 4 year old, her twin that just didn't want to be left out of the chance to sleep in mom and dad's bed, and regular checks on one of the younger twins who is a little feverish too.  Fun time.  With our little slumber party situation, it felt like we could have been camping.  

So I've decided, when we all get better, it would be fun to get out and enjoy our local campsites.  Especially, now that the county parks are offering a deal.  From now until Wednesday, November 10th, enjoy buy one get one free nights of camping at Maricopa County Parks.    Usery Mountain Regional Park is a participating site.  

And while you are there camping, take advantage of these fun events at Usery Pass:

- November 3rd:  Backyard Birding 
- November 3rd:  Wildlife Safari
- November 3rd:  All About Gila Monsters - "Brown-Bag It" with Ranger B
- November 4th:  "Just for Kids" - Toddler Cruise
- November 4th:  Thursday Bird Walk
- November 4th:  Yoga – Connect In Nature! – All Levels Class
- November 4th:  All About Birds - "Brown-Bag It" with the Birding Lady
- November 5th:  Basics of Bird Watching
- November 5th:  "Just for Kids" - Story Time in the Desert
- November 5th:  All About Arizona Weather - "Brown-Bag It" with Ranger B
- November 6th:  Yoga – Connect In Nature! – All Levels Class
- November 6th:  Find the Ranger - Wind Cave Trail
- November 6th:  New to Arizona? - Walk
- November 6th:  Late Afternoon Campground Nature Walk
- November 8th:Yoga – Connect In Nature! – All Levels Class
- November 9th:Yoga – Connect In Nature! – All Levels Class
- November 10th:  All About Cactuses - "Brown-Bag It" with Ranger B

Even if we don't make it out to camp this week, I think I will have to try out the "Just for Kids" walk this Thursday with my little preschool crew.

Go here for all the details.

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