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Now showing: The Happiest Millionaire!

While Halloween is all about dressing up, some of us would rather not. So if you fall into that category, here's another cultural opportunity for you to enjoy the costumes without getting dressed up yourself.

I'm talking theater here - the Hale Centre Theatre. (Don't you just love that "old world" spelling of "Centre and "Theatre"? Makes me feel all proper-like and disinclined to continue slouching as I sit here typing.) If you haven't been, it's an udder delight. (Oh, wait. That was yesterday's free-farm-and-ice-cream-post) Okay make that an utter delight. The Hale Center Theater is a fun, unique venue for productions - come and see for yourself! There's 360-degree seating to ensure great views for everyone in the audience. (photo from here)

I suppose I'd better put in a good word about the actual production that's running there now. As aforementioned in the title, they're currently running "The Happiest Millionaire" on Fridays and Saturdays (with even a Saturday matinee) through Nov. 27th. The Hale Centre Theatre's website says this about their play, written by Kyle Crichton:
"This zany comedy is the (mostly) true story of eccentric Philadelphia millionaire Anthony Biddle. The Biddle mansion is the gathering place for a boxing class, pet alligators and would-be opera singers. Biddle’s daughter wants to marry wealthy Angie Duke, but his parents are shocked by the Biddles’ freewheeling lifestyle. How this resolves itself provides a fun evening of laughs and enjoyment."
Go here for tickets. Then head to the Theatre for a great show!

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