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I Heart Mesa Sponsors and a Teaser

Our fabulous designer Angela is one of the lovely ladies at Seesaw.  Seesaw has been getting quite the worthy recognition for their letterpress, including the new letterpress calendar for 2011.  Beautiful all year long.  Plus, the calendar portion is perforated so you can display the art when the months are over--genius.

Seesaw is even giving one away--Check out their blog and you can enter to win one here or just go ahead and buy it already from here.  The giveaway closes at midnight tomorrow, so get over there already.

Are you back?  Have you seen what Lloyd Zeffler Photo has been up to?  Here are couple of my very favorite pics from some of his recent photo shoots. 

Check out the rest of the photos from these shoots here.

And here's a little plug for these other guys we're working with:

Come and swap at Fraser Fields Swap!  (We're going, are you?)

Someone who won a giveaway we had a while back for swimming lessons at
Hubbard Family Swim School blogged about how great their daughter's lessons went. 
I can't remember who it was!  Was it you??

I am loving this dress at Flour vintage clothing.

And...just a little head's up: we may be hosting a giveaway tomorrow
(for something great but not listed above.)  So come back, okay?

And now is the time to let you know that if you too are interested in being a
sponsor or doing a giveaway here at I Heart Mesa, you should send us an email
and we would love to chat about it.  iheartmesa at gmail dot com (because 
everyone else is trying to trick the spammers so we might as well too.)

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