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Guest Blogger Kayleen: i love mesa. really. it’s home.

Today's guest blogger is Kayleen Reed, as in, Kayleen from A Letter to Kayleen and Kayleen from Flour.  (Kayleen, did I say your name enough?)  She's a woman who knows how to formulate a few words into magic.  She knows how to run an incredible vintage shop, raise beautiful unique children, and I try to pretend like we are buddy buddy.  (Hey, we at least grew up together, though I can't claim to be her BFF.)  Kayleen is pretty talented and she was kind enough to share her Mesa favorites with us today.

i live in one of mesa’s historic districts just 2 streets over from where i grew up.
i dream of owning a little clothing shop on downtown main just so i can ride my bike to work and eat a pork chimi from mangos cafe everyday for lunch.

and I may be known to hyperventilate at the very mention of moving any further east than horne. - a true mesanite (mesonian?).
but nailing down the actual who, why and what that makes my home so sweet has given me writer's block, so i polled family and friends,
and this is what we love:

getting our shop on:

  • “Superstition Grand Antiques Mall and The Lutheran Thrift Shop.” i concur. both great and no question that you'll walk away with something you love every time you're there.
  • some mid century thrifting inspiration on a personal favorite mesa blog here.
  • I spotted a new thrift shop on main on our way out of 2nd Friday this month and literally screamed at my husband to pull over – and maybe slapped him across the head several times amidst all the excitement. – the good store thrift. they charge by the pound, which in this new overpriced thrifting world ($14+ for a dress, goodwill? I think not.) was a sight for sore eyes. i scored a new favorite wool cardigan for fall, my husband a pair of tiger tennis shoes (my heart be still), and a sak’s fifth ave designer suit coat all for less than ten bucks. I almost hi-fived the owner on our way out.
the eats
  • "petes fish ‘n chips, we love you, your deepfried everything and your secret sauce. please start accepting debit/credit cards already. we don't carry cash.”
  • “steve’s crazy sub. steve's." Sorry ned.
  • my please-don't-let-another-indian-restaurant-go-out-of-business shout out is dedicated to india oven. if you’re any connoisseur of indian cuisine, then you’re also familiar with the no buffet dining option after 4pm. Until now. all day dinner buffet for only $10. Huge selection of plates to choose from so try a little of each, they’re all delicious.
the sites and history:
  • Joe's Barbershop.Turning 90 and still cutting hair with a steady hand.” send your husbands in for a $13 flat top. go joe.
  • "one of the country’s largest light displays and easter pageants right here at the mesa temple.”
  • “the diving lady motel sign on main... oh wait…” sad
swimming in November:
  • “January in Mesa. Wearing a t shirt and shorts while the rest of the northern hemisphere spends winter shivering is pretty awesome.” Yes. Yes it is.
  • monsoons and microbursts.
  • i'm also a fan of flipflops as formal wear and not shoveling snow.
monsoon - oct 2010
all said and done, our hearts reside in mesa because of the people, its history and the sense of community it carries - a family. 
and even when our zipcode reads miles away, it's still where we all call 'home'.


Maren said...

Oh I love you Kayleen. Pete's and Steve's are iconic if you are a lifer in Mesa. I would love it if you had a shop on Main. OH Happy day for a new thrift store! Thank you thank you thank you for bringing my attention to it. I know where I am going tomorrow!

The Wizzle said...

I have never been to the Lutheran Thrift store. It is now officially on my list!

I'm another Mesa lifer who can't really put her finger on it. It's just where my family is, and where we'll always be!

xywhit said...

Nice work Kayleen. Sometimes I forget why Mesa is so awesome. Thanks for the props too! You are far too kind to our humble blog.

MaMaMaMandy said...

Thanks Kays. Very enjoyable. Lovely writing as always.

Jada said...

Please listen to the India Oven plea, EVERYONE must go and keep it open for the glory of a dinner buffet!

Heather said...

now i want to take the kids on an adventure to mesa. chandler aint got nothin' on mesa!