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Apples Apples Apples and Tomatoes

Alrighty (it's late, I can say that word).
It seems like it was just September and I was posting about all the Utah fruit for sale.  I must have blinked cause now it's the end of October and the very last shipment of Utah fruit from the Fruit Lady will be available this Thursday, October 28th.  If you want apples and tomatoes, then come on down to the fruit stand on the North/West corner of Val Vista and Brown.  

Apples are $26 for a 42 pound box and come one variety per box.  These varieties are available:  Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Rome and Jonathan.  These apples are not sprayed or waxed and go straight from the tree to the box.  

I've been seeing a few blog posts on making caramel apples, so I'm thinking I need to go grab me a box and make some of these goodies:

I mean, check out that one with chocolate and gummy bears.  Yum, yum.  I think I'm going to have to eat a few (or more) of those.   
Image from here

 And if you are in the need of delicious tomatoes, grab a box of Beefsteak tomatoes.  A 24 pound box is $20.

If you want to ensure that there will be enough in the Thursday shipment for you, please e-mail Barbie at by noon on Tuesday (tomorrow).  When ordering, please include your name and phone number and specify the variety of apple and the amount of boxes.  Barbie can be reached at azfruitlady at yahoo dot com.  Or you can be like me and just trust that there will still be extras.

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1 comment:

Nichelle said...

Let me know when you make those caramel apples...I will be at your doorstep :)