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Two Boutiques

How about that?  Two of our sponsors are having boutiques this weekend.  Cool for you.  One's in the morning, one's in the afternoon.  So you can go to both.  Have a girls' day out and go to lunch in between even.  Just don't forget to stop by the ATM.

First, this one's from Flour Clothing: Kayleen says: "come see/buy available items in person. clothing currently in shops and/or previewed for sept will be available for purchase at Sale for up to 1/2 off the original price, along with hoards of mint condition pieces not yet seen."  Click on to review what you should expect to see from Flour, midstate, and The Owl Tree.

The Everything $25 and Under Boutique is worth a reminder too.  A heck of a lot of vendors.  Read our original post or go here to preview some of the vendors.

Grab a few things this weekend to make your Christmas shopping that much easier.  Or, buying for yourself is always good enough reason to go shopping.

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