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Meet the Doulas

No, it's not a new reality show in Mesa... it's a meet-and-greet party for those interested in Doulas! I've never met a Doula I didn't like. [Okay, I've never actually met one. But let's not be-labor the point here. Heh... heh...] Anyway, while I don't intent to make it a habit of posting about events just 4 hours in advance, I felt this was too fun and unique to pass up. SO... if you are:

a) Pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, or
b) Thinking about hiring a Doula and want to interview one, or
c) Would like to learn about different types of childbirth classes available, or
d) Just want to learn more about Doulas and what they have to offer,

Come to "Meet the Doulas" night with childbirth educators! TONIGHT from 6-8:30pm at Paradise Bakery at Dana Park (3426 E. Baseline Rd, Ste. #119, Mesa 85204)

My source says there's supposed to be a massage therapist there, and "A light dinner of delicious Paradise Bakery sandwiches and cookies will be provided!" Yeah... YUM! Or yummerific. Or yum-o. Need I say more? Yes? Okay. Go here for more information.

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