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Fall High School Sports

Is anyone else out there being eaten alive by mosquitoes?  I have a few, but my poor poor children.  They inherited their father's sweet blood.   Their legs are red and swollen.  This just seem like a really bad year for mosquitoes.  Curse those little suckers.  Anyways...back to our regularly scheduled post:

It's High School Badminton season.  Oh, what?  You don't wait all year to watch competitive badminton?  (Yes, I was a proud member of my high school badminton team.  It's more than just a backyard sport.)  

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But, even if watching badminton isn't your thing, I think it's fun driving around Mesa at night in the fall as the weather starts to cool and hearing the marching band play at football games.  I love seeing the glow of the lights in the distance.  Maybe it's just that I love the cooler weather, but hometown sports are always fun in my book.

So, if you want to go cheer your local high school, here are some sites you can check out for fall sports schedules (swimming, cross country, badminton, golf and football).  Some high schools have better calendars than others:

Westwood:  Homecoming September 24th vs. Perry
Mesa High:  Homecoming October 22nd vs. Maryvale
Mt. View:  Homecoming September 24th vs. Dobson
Red Mountain:  Homecoming Game October 29th 
Cost for football games are $5.  Children 8 and younger are free.  I think (tell me if I'm wrong) that all other fall sporting events are free to watch.

So, check out some sports this fall if you want.  Go back to your high school for their homecoming football game if you want.  I know Westwood has a parade before the homecoming game at 4:00.  Maybe other schools do other fun and free things for you to take your family to.  We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how bout you?  



Tawnya said...

I love that you guys are Warriors!!

Rosemary said...

My kids and I are the same way. I have welts all over from mosquitoes. I'm the JV cheer coach for Mesa High and our first game is tonight against Dobson! I can't to come home with more bug bites and allergies from the field!

Go Jackrabbits!

iheartmesa said...

Oh Kathryn, you don't take your badminton years too seriously, do you? It's more than a backyard sport? I'm still not convinced. :)

Leslie and Dan said...

I probably shouldn't post that I'm a former Toro. :) I played badminton in high school and loved it! It's a great workout. For those who aren't believers give it a try!