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AZ Fruit Lady

Get some good deals on fresh, tree-ripened, delicious fruit shipped from our neighbor state of Utah. 

Kathryn wrote this post last week and we've gotten some help from our readers to fill us in on the rest of the info. Thanks to you all for some more details on the fruit.  Here is the info about what you can find on Wednesday mornings at the stand on the northwest corner of Val Vista and Brown. 
Barbie, the Fruit Lady as she's called, works with her husband Bob to get fresh, beautiful fruit straight from Utah to you.  You can only buy the fruit in bulk, so it is great for sharing or preserving.  To give you an idea on price, a 24-lb box of tomatoes is $20 and a $38-lb box of pears is $28.  This might be some of the best-tasting fruit available around here.  

Barbie does most of her work through email and phone orders, but you could also just stop in on a Wednesday morning to see what's available (and there's usually plenty available).  If you'd like the list of what she sells and when, send us an email at iheartmesa@gmail.com and we'll forward the info to you.  The fruit stand is open at 6am on Wednesdays and stays open until the fruit is all sold.  Unfortunately, there are only a couple of weeks left that Barbie's fruit stand will continue until next year.  Also, sweet Barbie does a charity drive along with her fruit sales.  She is looking for clothes, shoes, and accessories for needy school children in the area.  Bring what you don't need--Barbie would be delighted.

Also, this is from an email that came from the Fruit Lady's husband today (Wednesday):

Because the last two weeks we ran out of both tomatoes and pears Barbie got a bit overzealous and ordered a lot (maybe too many).  We currently (2:30 PM) have over 100 boxes of pears left.  They are just picked and beautiful. 

          We also have plenty of beefsteak tomatoes. Barbie won’t be ordering any pears next week.  Please come today or tomorrow for pears.  We have raspberries and peaches left also.

          We will be at the fruit stand on Val Vista and Brown Rd at 8:00 AM Thursday, 23rd of Sept. until around 12:00 PM or until all is sold.  Please come then or call for an appointment.
          Any questions please call Bob at 480-202-2351or email azfruitlady@yahoo.com.
Got all that?

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