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Park-A-Day Challenge and a Great Mesa Resource

The boys at Sherwood Park (1453 S. Horne)

I'm working with the nonprofit organization Kaboom to do something kind of crazy here in the desert.

Here's the goal: visit 50 different parks or playspaces this summer. 

We started this week and so far (in four days) we have visited 5 parks, 1 city pool, and 1 splash pad.  Actually my husband is with the older two boys right now at park number 6.  I'm worn out and the baby is asleep so I am at home.  But we are having a blast.  This sounds dramatic, but this experience is opening my eyes to a whole new world.  We have been doing the same things and going to a lot of the same places and now I am realizing more of what Mesa has to offer.  I have been really impressed so far with the City of Mesa parks.  They are clean, in good repair, and there are lots and lots of huge grass areas to just run free.  Here's how we are doing it:

We go early, by 8am, and stay until it gets too hot, between 9 and 10.  I am learning to get something together for breakfast that we can take with us and to try and get out the door as soon as we can in the morning.  The earlier, the better.  Actually, sometimes I think it's a shame that during the summer I miss the best part of the day because I sleep right through it.  But if we went at 5am you'd really think I was nuts, so 8 it is, or earlier if the kids wake up early.  We get out and have fun in the morning and we're still left with the whole day to do whatever else it is we want to do.

Let me know if you'd like to meet me sometime!  My boys have fun playing together most of the time, but they really, really love having other kids there.  Tomorrow I am meeting Trina for the first time at Pioneer Park.  Kinda late notice, but you're welcome to come at 8am if you'd like.  You can even go with me to the Farmer's Market afterward if you feel like it.

I found this great online brochure outlining the parks and other city facilities here in Mesa.  I love that all the parks are mapped and it tells you what you will find at each one. 

If you're interested you can see pictures of the parks we visited as well as updates from other Park-A-Day Challengers around the country here

Next Friday we are playing at the fountains in front of the Cinemark Theater at Riverview.  9am.  Will you come?

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