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Greater Arizona: Hawley Lake

POST EDIT:  For more pictures of Hawley Lake cabins, please go here.

Last week my family and I spent some time at Hawley Lake on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in the White Mountains.  It's close to Sunrise Ski Resort (about a 4 hour drive north).  Have you been there?  Well, it's amazing.  Green, cold, amazing.  Lush.  It rained every afternoon.  You can camp or they have lakeside motel units, studios and cabins.  We stayed in a cabin.  Not the most fancy and up-to-date of cabins (well, vintage is all the rage now), but you can't beat the environment up there and the prices aren't bad.  Cabins range from $115 a night to $400, depending on how big you go.  There are about 50 usable cabins ranging from 1 to 7 bedrooms - all unique.  These cabins were built privately, but are now property of the Fort Apache Indian tribe.  We've stayed in the largest that can host up to 20 people and one of the smallest and a few in between.  I recommend staying at Hawley Lake to anyone, but honestly, the rental website isn't the best and you don't really know what your cabin will look like until you arrive.  It can scare people off.  But despite the fact that the rentals are not run how I would run a business, we like to go back again and again.  It's one of my favorite places in Arizona.  (And if you are seriously thinking of going and have a cabin picked that you are considering, I did go around and take a quick picture of most of the cabins that are for rent.  I could e-mail you pictures and any other details you might want that you don't get from the website.).  Rentals are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  You can check out the website here or call them.       

{Okay, I couldn't resist posting our family picture with our awesome reunion shirts designed by my sister-in-laws Angela and Rachel.  But, also, check out those trees.  I told you.  Amazing.  Now to just get all my girls to show there natural beautiful smiles for the camera.}  

We left Hawley Lake and the temperature was 57 degrees at noon.  We traveled back through pine trees, to the rocky hills outside Sunflower, to a saguaro filled desert, then finally to my orange trees and home and I fell in love once again with the variety and beauty that surrounds us in Arizona, although it wasn't the most fun adding 50 degrees to the cool crisp 57 degree weather.  I do so love my greater Arizona.


angela hardison said...

i love leta's face in that picture. a lot.

Mom's da Bomb! said...

I'm with you - we DO have the most BEAUTIFUL STATE! And the White Mountains is one of the most fabulous parts of it. (Great pic, too.)

Lindsey Kilpatrick said...

What a beautiful family you have!