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Your Favorites

Kathryn and I really enjoyed reading all of the guest posts and comments about favorite spots in and around Mesa.  So I have been spending the last little while reading through them again and counting how many times different spots were mentioned.  I've come up with a favorites list from our I Heart Mesa community.  Here are the top nine places that got the most mentions: (And by the way, there are links on all of them for you, because I love you so much.)

Sweet Cakes 7
Rancho de Tia Rosa 7
Goodwill 5
Cracker's and Company Cafe 4
Domestic Bliss/ Found 3
Flancer's 3
Mango's Mexican Cafe 3
Bookman's 3
Mesa Public Swimming Pools 3

I must admit I was pretty impressed with myself when I realized I have been to seven out of these nine places.  Better get to Domestic Bliss and Flancer's already. 

Other places you mentioned more than once include:

Blossom Salon, antique stores, Inside the Bungalow, Ned's Krazy Sub, Liberty Market, Orange Patch Too, Yodipity, Jeanne's School of Dance, Superstition Ranch Market, and the Cinemark Theater.

Leave us a comment and let us know out of the top nine, how many places you have been to.
Are your favorites on this list?

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Anonymous said...

Yikes, I am a pretty lousy Mesa resident. I've only been to 5 of all the places you listed. Does visiting Bookmans at least once a week make up for it?

Grazing The Hurds said...

Is 6 ok? I'm not sure who it was but someone left a comment on my blog about me knowing Jill? Jill is in my ward. I'm a inactive member but do go to some of the church functions. I first met her when we were involved in a kid swap with some other moms in the ward. Since then we have been friends. Quinn and my son Micheal are the same age. I'm sure you know but she is such a wonderful person. I'm excited because she is going to help me make bread. Mine never turns out and she offered to help me.


Mom's da Bomb! said...

I've also been to 6, and evidently have missed out by not getting to Flancers, Domestic Bliss, or Mangos. I guess I'd better figure out how to check them out, also.

Kate said...

Oh man... only 4 of the top 9 for me. BUT I've only lived in Mesa for 3 years. ;)

Lindsey Kilpatrick said...

I am 9/9! One year for mother's day all I wanted was a Sweetcakes sugar cookie...yum!