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Flour Giveaway Winner

Thank you for all those that entered our giveaway.  I apologize for those that the Flour button did not work for.  I still don't know if I fixed anything.  You see, after I posted about the giveaway, and our 3 days of birthday magic/chaos in our home was over, babies came down with ear infections and well, I now change a million times 2 diapers a day.  I try to be doctor mom but haven't figured out how to fix the button.  (Usually, if I can't get a button to work, the non-techy that I am, I will copy the picture to my blog and then link the picture to the desired destination.)

So there you have it.  And here is our Flour winner:

Jeni at Peppertowne

Congratulations Jeni.  Since Jeni has been following us here at I Heart Mesa, I've been checking out her blog.  Jenni and her sister Amy both post to Peppertowne - Jeni from historic downtown Mesa, Amy from Utah.  They post ways to repurpose furniture and other inspiring ideas.  This one is one of my favorites that Jeni has come up with:

 What a fun and simple way to make a one of a kind swing - for cheap.  Congratulations Jeni, and maybe soon you can post a picture of you swinging in a beautiful Flour dress.

PS - Be on the lookout for a guest post from Jeni - you win, you blog (okay, not really, but we may have begged a future guest post from her.)

1 comment:

Jeni @ peppertowne.com said...

I'm jumping up and down!!! Thank you! This is the first giveaway I've ever won. I'm totally pumped! And yes...I will post a pic posing on the swing with my new flour dress!

Thanks again Flour and I Heart Mesa!