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Who Are We?

I Heart Mesa is a toddler. Over a year and a half old. When we started blogging we wanted I Heart Mesa to stand out as a blog for everyone, not just those with our personal, political, or religious beliefs. So we kept ourselves a little anonymous, while still making I Heart Mesa personable. In the meantime, we know it has been confusing as pronouns are switched between I and we. We hope by now that we have established that this is a blog for everyone. Everyone who wants to enjoy their city just a little bit more, whether you’re entertaining yourself or 5 selves. Whether you are old, young, have blond or blue hair. And we hope it’s not too late to introduce ourselves.

My name is Kathryn. Generations of Mesa blood course through my veins. I’m proud to call Mesa home. But, for years I had wanted a source that highlighted cool things in Mesa. It seemed like I was always hearing about neat events after the fact. One day I finally put myself into the equation and I Heart Mesa was born.

Originally I enlisted the help of my sister-in-laws. Anna helped me write posts and as a CIS major herself, knew how to handle tech stuff pretty good. Angela used her superior talents as a graphic designer to help get our look started. Times changed and Anna had to devote more time to projects that actually earned an income. Angela still tries to help us out from time to time, but with running her own cool business and making cute letter pressed baby announcements for me, we try not to add too much to her already hectic schedule.  (But look for her work soon as she is currently helping to revamp our I Heart Mesa look.)

About 6 months ago I knew I Heart Mesa needed a boost. I needed some help with posts. I needed Marily, someone who could put herself out there with me, just like we had done years ago.

Marily became an instant friend when her family moved back to Mesa when we were in the 8th grade. She is a friend that loves writing like I do and was my partner in crime for a few English class pranks at Westwood High. (Yes, the only time I ever got kicked out of a class was with Marily.) When Marily and I combined forces on school group projects, we always took it over the top. Our goal was to leave a big impression. We were the girls that worked for City of Mesa summer camps, after-school programs for Mesa Public Schools, joined the Mayor’s Youth Committee. We loved Mesa even in our youth. Yes, I Heart Mesa needed someone that I already knew I could be silly with, take things above and beyond, and someone who had a deep love for Mesa (and as a bonus, enjoyed writing).

Marily and I both graduated from ASU 6 years ago and are now stay at home wonder moms. Okay, we take the “wonder” part day by day. We are raising our kids right here in Mesa, though Marily is helping out the boy population and I with the girl population: 3 boys for Marily, 2 sets of fraternal girl twins for me. Our husbands, yes they exist, support our little hobby and help out with ideas from time to time and even a few photographs.  

Please follow us as we continue to put our hearts into loving Mesa, just as we have from the beginning. The grass is not always greener on the other side (figuratively). We'll take care of informing you of what's going on and you take care of enjoying Arizona. We live in Mesa. Arizona and we love it. How about you?

(And now we will start signing the end of our blog posts, as to not keep confusing you.)


Me and Marily - circa 1997 - 9th grade field trip.  Trying to be fun then and still trying. (Maybe someday we'll post some fancy current pictures of us - but for now, this one is kind of funny.)    


Lindsey Kilpatrick said...

Thanks for the intro and thank for always keeping us posted on the latest and greatest event. I love and check your site all the time. You are great!

lindsay said...

I was so happy to find your site - I'm one of the people who always hears about fun events AFTER they happen, too. I know Mesa has a lot to offer, but your blog is a great way for me to keep track of it all! Thanks for all the great posts, you girls are awesome! (and so is westwood by the way)

angela hardison said...

happy to be a small part of it.

K said...

the only time i got kicked out of class was with nicole bennion... it was english, too.

kari said...

You guys got kicked out of class? Must be the rebel children of the family.

Rachel said...

Um, I know Marily and Nicole Bennion and the thought of either of them getting kicked out of class just baffles me! I recently moved to Gilbert specifically to put my son in their special needs program but I do HEART Mesa and the valley in general and I LOVE this website! Thanks for keeping it going!