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Schnepf Farms Peach Picking

Visiting Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek is a great way to get back to the basics without having to travel too far from home.  Located in Queen Creek, their website says the farm is about 30 minutes from Mesa. 

Schnepf Farms peach orchards have opened for picking.  Peach picking is limited to one variety of peaches right now, but throughout May other varieties will be available to pick.  There are also vegetables to pick in their U-pick garden.  Come on, now wouldn't that be great to take some kids and pick their own peaches and vegetables?  Of course it would be fun to go without kids too.

UPICK hours every Wednesday-Sunday 7:30am to 4pm

$1.75/lb if UPICK $2.50/lb already picked in Country Store

The owners of Schnepf Farms say these are their goals:

"To go back to our roots....To create a place worth visiting, a place where you can be educated about agriculture, a place where you can enjoy what farm life has to offer, a place to spend hours with your family, just out in the garden. Visitors also enjoy fresh baked goods, Country Store, preserves, home made soups, organic vegetables and fruits, a petting barn, train rides and old fashioned fun.

If you love crowds and want to see "all" that the farm has to offer, then visit during one of our festivals. But if your lifestyle is a little slower paced, then join us on the farm at any other time."

Visit Schnepf Farms' website for more information and for photo and info credit.

1 comment:

Tanya Leigh said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I have been wanting something like this for my kids to experience for a LONG time! :) I didn't know they did all this for the public. Yay!