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Baby Lapsit

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Just making sure all mothers of babies remember about Mesa's Main Library Baby Lapsit
10:30-11:00 AM every Thursday in the Youth Activity Room

"Baby Lapsits introduce the rhythm and beauty of language to babies aged birth to 24 months, using rhymes, songs, and simple stories. This program, limited to one child per grown-up lap, helps enrich the bond between caregiver and child while building the foundation for a lifelong love of books and reading. No registration required."

Again, I think mother's of multiples are more than welcome to attend. The one child per grown-up rule is more for day-care groups.

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1 comment:

TheMoncurs said...

Actually, they really do prefer and have started enforcing the one child per lap rule. If you have more than one, there's a toddler time on Wednesday morning at the same time that is for people with more than one kid. It is geared toward a slightly older crowd though.

Also, it really fills up, so get there early or you have to squish in the back :)