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Restaurant Week

I'm a hotdog loving, nacho eating kind of person. I'm good with the cheap stuff. However, something has happened to me over the last 5 years and I'm realizing how nice fine dining can be. I've grown to love foods that I never thought I would even taste. Food that can only be described as heavenly, crafted by some of the very best chefs in the valley. Now like most people, our money tree does not allow us to enjoy this experience as often as we would like. However, if you have been craving some fine dining or have wanted to try out a new restaurant, and would like to do it at a discounted rate, Restaurant Week might be for you.

"Arizona Restaurant Week is an exciting event developed to showcase the outstanding culinary scene throughout the state of Arizona.

The second annual Arizona Restaurant Week is Arizona’s most highly anticipated culinary event of the year and a must-attend for residents and visitors alike. Guests of the event are able to partake in Arizona’s finest fare at a special discount price. Each restaurant will offer a three-course dinner menu of signature dishes for $29 per person or $58 per couple, excluding beverages, tax and gratuity."

Click here for a list of restaurants in the Phoenix area.

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