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You may have noticed that our little blog here has been more than dormant the past little bit. Some of you have submitted ideas and requests, even some restaurant reviews over the past few months that have gone unposted. I hope I have not offended anyone by not posting something or responding to an e-mail. My heart has always been with Mesa, but over the past few months my head has been with preparing for the birth of my second set of twins. Then, June came and so did bed rest and then the birth of my twins 7 weeks early. Needless to say, this blog will continue to be dormant of my posts for another few months as I focus on raising my growing family. I hope everyone can find things to keep them happy and busy this summer, I know we have.

Welcome to Mesa Leta Joy and Annie Ruth

(Technically they have been in Gilbert since birth, but if all goes well, they will get to join us at home in Mesa tomorrow.)


Everhart Family said...

Holy cow! Congratulations! Good luck & I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

The McGraths said...

Oh my goodness! Good Luck and don't worry about the blog, your family is more important.

zstruck said...

Congrats and take care or yourself, them new babies, and your family. See you when you're back. :)

Our wild zoo! said...


domestic bliss said...

Congratulations to you! Hoping all is well and that they can join you at home soon.
Take care.

melmck said...

congrats and good luck with your babies! you are those babies are what is most important right now. put the blog on the back burner. deep breaths. :)

{Mullins} said...

here's to hopin for the best! little sweeties. i'm a twin and feel bad for all you singlets out there! congrats!!

lil mama said...

Dear I heart Mesa,
I miss you. I miss our morning meetings where we planned our weekly fun. I miss your beautiful money-saving tips, and the pictures of happy children.

I know that we have to be apart for a while, and that's okay. I've seen the cuteness that is keeping you away. I just wanted to tell you that I will be here waiting for you whenever you want to return.

Lil Mama