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U-Pick at Mother Nature's Farm

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"The boys and I just got back from picking peaches at Mother Nature’s Farm on Baseline.  So cool that there is a farm that is right in town where we could pick our own fruit.  The owner of the farm encouraged us to taste the peaches and pick which varieties we liked best.   My boys probably took the taste-testing a little too far.  We each picked some fresh peaches for a reasonable $2/pound--good price since it includes the experience as well.  The owner weighed our peaches, rounded the price down, and then threw in a small bag of onions for free.  He says the peach-picking will probably only last about another week for anyone that wants to get down there.  We will definitely try to go back sometime."

This little bit of farmland wonder was sent to me by my good friend, and so if you want to get your own peach picking experience, head down to Mother Nature's Farm THIS WEEK.  (Maybe even call ahead to make sure they still are open for peach picking on the day you choose to go.)  

Mother Nature's Farm 

1663 E. Baseline RD.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
(On Baseline, between Stapley and Gilbert road - right on the border of Mesa and Gilbert)

Phone:  480-892-5874

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Wow, I didn't know they did "u-pick"! The corn field by us doesn't let the buyers pick anymore. They also just put their sign out that the corn is ready to buy. It's the one on Brown and Center.