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Through blogging on iheartmesa I have met an amazing woman who has been through some amazing things and still finds time to share her amazing talents. She has currently been working on the production Fiddler on the Roof. I read her post on her personal blog and thought it sounded perfect, so I hope you don't mind the cut and paste job Emily.

"Last night I was astounded at the Fiddler opening night.
These kids just amaze me.

They rehearsed HALF the hours it normally takes to put this show up and it is still the best production I've seen of Fiddler. They were attentive and professional every moment, making my job so enjoyable. Choreographers pine to work with this kind of cast.

The best part is that they continue working hard and will not settle for mediocrity. Ever. I love that I can know tonight's show will be even better, and tomorrow's will be better than that. We are sold out for every evening, but there are still tickets for Saturday's 2:00 PM matinee, which is great if you have elementary kids you would like to expose to the theater. Please know, Fiddler is a 3 hour experience, and you get your money's worth! Come join us. You will not be disappointed!"

Heritage Academy
32 South Center
Mesa, Arizona 85210
(across the street from the Mesa Arts Center)

$5 adults
$3 kids

call for ticket reservations (480) 969-5641

Thanks Emily for letting me share.


Laurie said...

This looks like it's a great show.

Mesa High also has their musical this weekend: Seussical the Musical. My parents went last night and said it's really good!

Emily Ruth said...
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Emily Ruth said...

No. Thank YOU.
Oooo. Seussical the Musical is Awesome too! That sounds like it will be great: ) Mesa High always puts on a fabulous show...

Patrice said...

I went last night and loved it! It is 3 hours long, so plan accordingly. They were very professional, and I felt bad that they were on such a small stage.