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Ted's Hot Dogs

I would apologize for not posting for a week, but really, making my own Spring Break adventures and getting 2 little girls to sleep in their new big girl room were my first priority - sorry.

I hope everyone was able to find a few ways to entertain themselves this past week. We did a little spring cleaning and then took a road trip to southern Arizona through Tombstone, Bisbee, and the Chiricahua Mountains. It was great and I'm always amazed at the diversity of people, land and history we have here in Arizona. Tour Arizona - you won't be disappointed.
For those of you that still need something to do, here is a little restaurant review from Burgess. This restaurant is actually in Tempe, but from what Burgess has said, combined with my husband's opinion, it was worth posting. I'm a hot dog person myself, but my husband has never shared the same love that I have for the food. So you know I was a little jealous when he came home from work talking about this wonderful hot dog place he went to for lunch with the "best hot dogs ever." My mouth is still watering thinking about the day when I myself get to try these highly recommended hot dogs.

Ted's Hot Dogs
1755 E Broadway Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282

"If you like hot dogs you're going to LOVE Ted's in Tempe. Hot dogs are my favourite food, and these are the best around. They're based out of Buffalo New York and the Tempe location is the only one outside of Buffalo (who knows why they chose Tempe, but let's just thank the hot dog Gods and enjoy). The meat comes straight from New York and they have White hots(veal), Italian sausage, foot longs, regular, and my fave the Jumbo All Beef. They make they're own hot sauce (which I've actually never tried) and onion rings that are never frozen and so DELISH.

So, while you wait in line they ask you what you want them to throw on the grill for you. While it's on the grill they poke and prod and basically just beat the heck out of your hot dog. By the time you get to the front it's done and time to top it off with whatever you want! They have all the regular stuff (tomatoes, onions, etc.) plus peppers, chili, cheese, speared pickles, and more. They're only around $3 per dog. They also have hamburgers if you're not into the hot dogs, but you will be! It's a total family place and they even offer a "Kiddie combo" that's only $4 and comes with fries and a drink.

For our little fam of 3 it's usually not more than $18. SO cheap and YUMMY!!"
It's spring, it's baseball time, it's time to try one of these hot dogs. Thanks Burgess for the recommendation.

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