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Queen's Bakery and Pizzeria

(Image from here)

This restaurant review comes from Nik again. We appreciate her willingness to help us out. Besides, when it came time to find a place to eat on Friday night, I thought, "Hey, I just got a fantastic review from Nik, let's try out Queen's." And oh, we were not disappointed. Along with great food, I found the owner equally great. He was kind, helpful, and when he asked if #3 was on the way and I informed him that it was #3 and #4, he replied, "What a blessing." No snide remark about twins, just kindness. I appreciate good owners. They make me want to go back again and again and I'm pretty sure we will. Plus, we went on a Friday night and it was not busy. Why do people wait hours at chain restaurants on the weekends when they can get better food with less crowd? It's still a mystery.

Queen's Bakery & Pizzeria
125 W Main St
Mesa 85201
Between Robson and McDonald, on the South side of Main.

"I heard from 3 separate, unrelated people that this was their all-time favorite pizza restaurant, so I couldn't resist going to check it out. We went on a Saturday afternoon. The menu sounded so great, it took us forever to decide what to get. One of the customers who saw us agonizing over the menu reassured us that this was the best pizza she'd ever had and we couldn't go wrong with any of the pizza options, which made our decision that much more difficult. Haha. She recommended the Anneliese, which has pepperoni, gorgonzola, and... something else...? The man behind the counter also said we couldn't go wrong with any of their pizza flavors... We ended up trying the Vegas (meatball, gorgonzola) --about $15 to $16 for the 16" but we were so tempted by the Reno (ham, pineapple, jalapeno), and a couple others... Next time I'll definitely get the King of Hearts, which is a 6 topping combo--you can go with the preset menu toppings, or choose your own from an extensive list. It costs about $$18 for an 18 inch. The Specialty Combo Pizzas are the best deals on the menu. The atmosphere was fun. Colorful original artwork adorned the exposed brick walls. The aged brick lends a rustic, interesting quality to the decor. The tables are also painted in colorful, original artwork. There are counters at the back that people are supposedly welcome to write all over. We didn't see any pens or markers, though, so perhaps that's changed? It was fun to watch the employees tossing the dough in the air, like we've seen on TV. The crust was awesome, so it must really make a difference. Great place! Go support local Mesa businesses! Yum!"

So there you have it - yummy truth. And if you don't feel like leaving your home, they deliver. My house isn't very close to downtown, but the owner said to just call anyways. If he's busy, then he'll give a really long delivery time. If he is slow, it won't be a problem.
Have you tried Queen's? What do you think?


Cook Zoo said...

No I haven't tried them, but I'm going to!!

Burgess said...

I tried to go last night and they were closed! So sad...
So, apparently CLOSED on Mondays.

alex said...

i've been twice - it was great! we had pizza for dinner & i went back last week for a sandwich at lunchtime, which was also delicious. i really appreciated the owner, too. big thumbs up.

Burgess said...

Finally got there -- totally worth the wait! YUMMY pizza AND helpful owner guy (who sent us away with yummy bread just because).

colby said...

I live in chandler and I make a trip out once a week for their food, best pizza in town!