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Ah-So Good

(Picture from Wikipedia. This isn't Ah-So, but close enough.)

Ah-So Japanese Restaurant

1919 S Gilbert RD

Mesa 85204
(on the same corner as Trader Joe's and Michael's)

Ah-So and I met about 8 years ago when I first started dating my husband and it's been love ever since. Ah-So has been a place of many dates for us, a place we can treat out-of-town guests and a place I have come to crave. It just seems to always "hit the spot." I grew up as a fish-stick kind of girl. Meaning, the only fish I ever ate was breaded. Since meeting Ah-So, I have turned into a shrimp and even a little bit of a sushi eater. My family is still in disbelief.

Ah-So is a Japanese Sushi/Teppanyaki restaurant. One side is the sushi bar and one side is filled with tables where you sit around the teppan grill and watch your food being cooked right in front of you. I have only tried the teppanyaki side. The chefs are very talented and entertaining. Once in awhile we will get one that is a little less exciting, but usually we aren't disappointed. We do like to make sure we have at least a few dollars to give to the chef when he is done cooking for us as a tip. In addition to our chef tip, we still leave a regular tip when we are paying for the meal.

Each meal comes with fried rice, a salad, miso soup, vegetables, a few shrimps (even if you didn't order shrimp) and your chosen meat. Prices range from $8 to around $30 per plate. If you want to share your meat, I think the charge is around $7 so that way you still get your own rice, soup, salad and vegetable. When I go I usually get the fillet and shrimp combo. I love their rice so much that my husband has figured out how to duplicate it at home. You can even buy their sauces to go. As for children, we have only taken our girls once to Ah-So, but I'll probably wait until they are older. They were entertained and had a good time, but Ah-So doesn't have a kids menu, so we still had to pay adult prices. For 2 year olds, it is not worth it (well, at least not for me). I've been with my older nieces and nephews and it was fun to watch them be entertained.

Have you been to Ah-So? What do you think.

1 comment:

The Bostock Fam said...

Hi i LOVE your sight and look to it often for advice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teppan style cooking. just ask my hubby he hates when it's my pick for date night! I have to say this is one of my least favs for that style. The BEST in the Valley is Kobe Steakhouse on Elliot and Hardy. And my most fav is in Utah if you ever make up there. Teppanyaki! So good. A lot of people love Benihana too.