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Regional Festival

If any of you did music in high school, you know regionals are a big deal. Just to audition for regionals takes hours and hours of practice. I remember quite vividly the stress and worry that would come from going to these auditions. Then for those chosen, regionals was an honor, but came with more and more hours of practice. So as you can see, regional concerts are from top notch kids who have worked very hard to provide a top notch performance for us.
AMEA High School All-Regional Festival
The Festival is tonight, February 20th and Saturday, February 21st
Mountain View High School
NW corner of Lindsay and Brown
2700 E. Brown Rd. 85213

Admission: About $5
This is for Band, Orchestra, and Choir concerts

This is a little message from Dallin S (one of the top notch performers):
"These students, including myself, have been working hard to prepare not only our performance pieces, but even our audition pieces for many months to make this the best concert it can be. Please come and support our school's fine arts groups!"
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1 comment:

Dallin said...

The performance actually begins at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. Admission is $5, and it will be phenomenal.