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Guru Palace

Last Monday we asked for your food reviews. Thank you Nik for the following review. I didn't even know about this place and it sounds VERY interesting. So without further ado, please check out Nik's thoughts on the Guru Palace:

Guru Palace
2048 E Baseline Road

"A year ago, my friends and I had our 1st visit to an Indian Food Restaurant called Guru Palace. It was a big hit.

We sat on cushions on the floor and enjoyed dishes like curry chicken, daal maharani (thick spicy lentil soup), tandoori chicken (charcoal clay-baked chicken, marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger, herbs and spices), vegetable pakoras (fried veg), chicken masala (tandoori chicken in a mild sauce), palak paneer (curry-style spinach with homemade cheese, cream and aromatic herbs), and zeera rice (basmati rice with spices). One of my favorite things is their garlic naan (Indian flatbread), which they continuously place, freshly baked, on your table. For dessert, we had gulab jamun (round cake-like balls in sweet rose syrup) and kheer (Basmati Rice Pudding sprinkled with almonds and Pistachio). The food, service, and atmosphere were all great. (Guru Palace has a dining room with regular tables if you're not into the whole floor thing. They have 2 tables that supposedly accommodate 8 people set off to the side for the floor diners, you probably have to request these seats--we thought it was fun!)

We had our kids with us and they were a bit overly rowdy--perhaps the excitement of sitting on the floor to eat was just too much for them. My daughter decided the food was too spicy for her, but I didn't find it spicy at all. Thankfully 3 and unders eat free. I've chosen to leave the kiddos at home for subsequent visits. The lunch buffet is about $9 per person, but if you check your Value Clipper or Savvy Shopper mailers, they frequently have coupons for a couple dollars off. I don't think they do a buffet for the evening meal, but I've never tried it. They're located in the complex on the NE corner of Baseline and Gilbert Rd in Mesa (near Trader Joe's) . Phone number 480.558.9300. Try it! You won't be disappointed!"

Wow, that sound like something I need to try. A double thanks to Nik. Also if you didn't notice, when you click on the name Guru Palace, it will take you to their website and you can check out their menu and pricing on your own.
So if you have tried out Guru Palace and would like to tell us your thoughts, please comment. Plus, we are still accepting food reviews at iheartmesa@gmail.com. Happy eating.


Emily Ruth said...

I Love Gurus!

Kara said...

Three cheers for Indian food in Mesa, we always drove to Tempe before Guru opened. I love the eggplant curry...not sure the technical name. And the Lamb Saag, double YUM.