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February is here. Hopefully January wasn't too rough without regular postings, but I did give fair warning. Arizona is beautiful. The weather is wonderful. The Cardinals lost, but still made it to the Super Bowl. In all my years of hearing of Cardinal loses I never thought I would see old Bill Bidwill and that bow tie of his make it to the Super Bowl. Something magical just seems to be in the air in Arizona and it's time to celebrate, whether you are a football fan or not.

Okay, because of the loss, there is no victory parade (darn), but you can find some things around town to make your own celebrations.

Why not try out a new restaurant this week or find a great place to get treats? Then let us know what you found. Did you like it or hate it? Was your experience grand or drab? One thing that I would love to see on this little blog is more restaurant reviews, but you just won't get that many if it is only up to me. I need helpers in order to increase the variety of reviews. So from now on, iheartmesa is now accepting all dining out reviews. Just drop us a few lines or more via email (ihearmesa@gmail.com) about your experience. Give us menu recommendations if you have a favorite or pass along tips that you may have to increase our dining out satisfaction. We can't promise much for your help (seeing as how this little blog isn't exactly a money maker) but you will get the satisfaction of knowing you did your part. It's like a gold star for your heart :) And if you are the shy type, we can withhold your name.

So to jump start the action, I will share a place that has stayed on my good list through the years:

located at:
4500 East Main St.
Mesa, 85205


2743 S. Market St. #111
Gilbert, 85296

Prices range from about $8 to $22 for individual meals.

Waldo's is not your health food dining out experience, but for BBQ, they get it right. I always enjoy "The Pig" (a pulled pork sandwich) with the spicy fries as my side, but my husband usually goes for the baby back ribs with fried corn on the cob and horsey spuds (mashed potatoes with a little horseradish I believe. Sound weird, but good). And I can't forget that the sides with dinner specials are never ending because one corn on the cob is just never enough. Then if we haven't stuffed ourselves enough, the Skookie is the thing to get to finish off the meal. Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie with ice-cream in a skillet?

As for the environment, it is more layed back. It is a place I can take my kids. There is already wood shavings on the floor, so I'm not as worried about messy 2 year olds. It's not a quiet romantic place, so don't plan this one for that special night out, but if you go with kids, they can make a little noise and not be a bother. Go in your jeans and t-shirt with your hair in a ponytail and you'll be just fine.

So, if you have been to Waldo's share your comments with us. Do you like it? What menu items would you suggest?


Roccy said...

I don't like the ribs, but the rest of the stuff is delicious. I usually get the Big Pig sandwich. There's nothing like having a sandwich tell you what a pig you are! I like the atmosphere - it's kinda honky tonk - speaks to the country girl in me.

Cook Zoo said...

We like that place too - and I DO like the ribs. :) We love the license plates on the walls. It's a fun place to go. :)

AliceK[i]ND said...

Our family enjoys Waldo's. It's great to find places that are kids friendly. We like to get the Super Sampler and take home the leftovers! Also, I love their BBQ sauce... they will sell you a bottle if you ask, which I do.

Taina said...

All I have to say is... Skookie!!!!

Jaime S. said...

If you want good ribs, Waldo's bbq is the place to go. Baby Back ribs that is.