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Sorry we are overloading you with things to do this weekend, but I ran across this event and couldn't help myself.

In an effort to raise canned provisions for the poor, teams made up of architects, engineers, contractors, designers and students participate in "Canstruction". This is a design/build competition in which canned foods are used to construct giant objects. The Arizona results from 2009 are on display at Fiesta Mall through Saturday, February 21st. You can vote on your favorite, donate your own cans or simply enjoy some interesting 'art'. All canned food will be donated to the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance at the end of the competition.

Go here to read more about Canstruction and see some of the previous items constructed across the nation. Or, go here and read about the contestants from Arizona for 2007 and 2008. There are some pretty creative ones that made me laugh.

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