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Help For a Family

It's not like us to cover news, but every so often a news story comes along that takes your breath away. A tale of tragedy that changes your life. And although you do not know the family or those affected, you feel the need to do what you can to help.
Today at the Mesa City Cemetery a family buried their sons ages 6 and 11. Last Friday night a drunk driver killed these 2 young boys and critically injured their mom. The boys were pronounced dead at the scene and the mother had to be airlifted to the hospital. Their father and another passenger also had to be taken to the hospital. The details astound me. However, today, as I read the obituaries for Nolan and C.J., I was even more astounded to learn that the boys were preceded in death by their brother. This is a family that has had to bury all three of their children.
Although I do not know this family or all of the details, I do know that burying your children is emotionally as well as financially draining. So tonight, I write this post with no pictures, no frills, just some simple information about how you can help this family.
Here are the bank accounts you can donate to:
Wells Fargo Bank Account #273 309 9838: Traci & Frankie Smith
Desert Schools Credit Union (any branch): CJ and Nolan Smith
Please consider and help spread the word. Be the miracle in this tragedy.

1 comment:

jen said...

i noticed this, as well. From a parent that has lost a child, it is never easy, but to lose not only three, but all of them, is truly devastating. I can only imagine how her heart must be hurting. Not only donate financially to the family, but prayers as well.