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Friday Night Astronomy

Astronomy fascinates me. I'm not sure if it's the fact that space is so far away and our knowledge of what exists in it seems so mysterious or if I am amused at how much astronomy has been utilized by all mankind, hundreds and thousands of years ago. Whatever the reason, it's neat.

If you find it as exciting as I do, you might want to head to Lost Dutchman State Park (6109 N. Apache Trail, Apache Junction) this Friday the 16th for a little lesson about the night skies.

It begins at 7:00pm and it is "free" but you have to pay for park admission which is $5 per vehicle. $5 though, for the entire family? That's basically free. :)

Picture from here. (Don't ask why there is a picture from Lost Dutchman for this post but not astronomy, but there is).

For more information call 480.982.4485.


Cook Zoo said...

Okay, that's an awesome idea. We may have to do that! :)

KaraLyn said...

Thanks for sharing! We took our kids there and we really enjoyed it! Thanks for working hard on this blog so we can do fun extra stuff with our families!