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Before Someday

Before someday, the other half of this blog will near the end of a project for a new client she began about a month ago and be able to post regularly again while the pregnant half continues to incubate those two little growing beans.

Lucky you. Before someday is TODAY.
Picture from here.

I've been enjoying our chilly, wintry temperatures lately. However, some people like that extra cold and icy feel to remind them of growing up somewhere other than Arizona. If you're one of them, why not hit up one of the Valley's ice skating rinks? Even if you're not one of them, try something new and go ice skating. I've only been to the Oceanside Ice Arena, but ice skating is ice skating, right? I'd fall repeatedly regardless of the arena.

Because there are several arenas to choose from, I'm just going to list the arena name and contact information so you can find out price, hours and other information you may need.

Arcadia Ice Arena
: 3853 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix. 602-957-9966, arcadiaice.com
Ozzie Ice: 10436 N. 32nd St., Phoenix. 602-493-4667, ozzieice.com.
Oceanside Ice Arena: 1520 N. McClintock Drive, Tempe. 480-941-0944, iskateaz.com.
Desert Schools Coyotes Center (2 locations): 7225 W. Harrison St., Chandler, 480-598-9400, polaricechandler.com; 15829 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria, 623-334-1200, polaricepeoria.com.

Contact information obtained from here.

1 comment:

twizlstick said...

There is a new ice rink that just opened up in Gilbert at Greenfield/Warner called Polar Ice. I found out today when a friend told me she teaches ice skating lessons there now! http://www.polaricegilbert.com/page/show/42669