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While we may not have our "Restaurants" button up and running, I decided it's time we start our local restaurant reviews. The other day I went to Chives for the first time. It's a little cafe on the grounds of the Stonebridge Manor (East side). Dining is only on the patio, which makes it perfect for 75% of the year here in Mesa.

The menu is very limited (I had a choice of one of four sandwiches or a salad) and currently, all salads and sandwiches on the menu are $5 (which includes tax). I'm not sure how long this promotion is running. You fill out a paper with what you want, pay and then they bring you your food. Just a warning: the menu items listed on Chef's Doug website aren't guaranteed. That just shows what items might be available.

I split a Vanilla Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich and a House Salad.

The Sandwich was a little on the sweet side, but tasty nonetheless. It was served on focaccia bread that was nice and fresh. The only turn off were the golden raisins. But that's just because I'm not a fan of raisins. Fortunately, everything blended well so I didn't notice them too much.

The House Salad was good, but a little overboard on ingredients. In addition to the greens, I counted ten other items. All good items, but overwhelming when combined. I also didn't realize there would be craisins, black berries and vanilla candied pecans (which I could eat by the fistful), otherwise I might have opted for a more complimenting dressing other than the Ranch I ordered. Next time I go, I'll likely stick with a sandwich and a bag of chips, unless they have other salad options available.

Part of a dining experience is the atmosphere and I really enjoyed being outside in such a peaceful setting. It wasn't terribly busy, but we also weren't the only customers, which tends to make things awkward.

Hours: 11:00 - 1:30
Location: 4000 E. Palm St.
Contact: 480.641.4148

The food was good, the price was right and the atmosphere was relaxing and different than your typical cafe. This is the best picture I got of the surroundings. As you can see, it's nestled near trees and greenery.

Read more about the Cafe and Chef Doug here.

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mominaz said...

I've heard about your site, but hadn't visited yet until tonight. I need to poke around some more...great content! Since you're reviewing restaurants, I hope you'll try a new one in town. Mix Cafe just opening in the WalMart shopping center at Greenfield and McKellips. We tried it on Saturday for lunch and were very pleased. I don't know if it will survive in that location but I'd love for people to try it and maybe keep it going for awhile!